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Kosnett Law Firm Overview

Kosnett Law Firm is a criminal defense firm located located in Los Angeles, California. Practice areas include DUI, marijuana and drug charges, theft, robbery and burglary, firearms offenses, federal crimes, prostitution, professional licensing, education-related offenses, and other felonies and misdemeanors as well as expungement, probation issues, and related matters.

Assertive trial lawyers with decades of combined experience, James V. Kosnett and Louis V. Kosnett offer honest advice and straightforward answers. With a personalized approach, they focus on strategic representation with defense strategies uniquely designed for each client’s situation.

Kosnett Law Firm is committed to protecting clients’ rights and using every available resource in working to find solutions and obtain the best results possible.

Kosnett Law Firm Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Theft; Robbery; Burglary; Firearms Defense; Federal Criminal Defense; Prostitution; Post- Conviction Relief; Restraining Orders; Misdemeanors; Felonies; Probation Termination; Property Crimes; Shoplifting; Solicitation; Drug Trafficking; Record Sealing; Arson; Trespassing; Vandalism; Receiving of Stolen Property; Disorderly Conduct; Driving on a Suspended License; Probation Violations; Public Drunkenness; Reckless Driving; Assault; Child Abuse; Child Endangerment; Deadly Threats; Embezzlement; Grand Theft; Drug Abuse Violations; Forgery; Counterfeiting; Fraud; Motor Vehicle Theft; Auto Theft; Larceny; Stolen Property Violations; Violent Crimes; Manslaughter; Rape; Weapons Violations; Bank Robbery; Child Pornography; Computer Crimes; Identity Theft; Kidnapping; Mail Fraud; Tax Evasion; Money Laundering; RICO.


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