Injured in a Truck Accident


Chauffeurs must understand those car mishaps, including trucks, are more likely to lead to significant or fatal injuries to passenger vehicle occupants than other kinds of accidents. Because of the seriousness of a car-and-truck accident, injury victims need to seek the aid of a skilled truck mishap attorney.

How Common are Car Accidents Involving Trucks? Contact Morse Injury Law, a San Diego Injury Attorney.

Although cars and truck mishaps involving trucks are less typical than passenger automobile collisions, the variety of deadly car-and-truck accidents has increased steadily for about a year. In 2019, more than 4,000 people passed away in cars and truck mishaps, including trucks, representing a 30 percent increase over 2009.

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The types of deadly crashes consist of the following:

Head-on crashes in between a car and truck and a truck, 29 percent
In accidents in which automobiles were hit by a car, 24 percent
Automobiles striking the back of a truck, 24 percent

In all types of automobile accidents, including trucks, it is much more likely for individuals in the automobile to suffer deadly injuries. Details from the U.S. Department of Transportation Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) indicates the following:

Roughly 67 percent of those who pass away in car-and-truck accidents were traveler car residents.
Another 15 percents were pedestrians or individuals riding a bicycle or motorbike.

Car-and-truck accidents are more hazardous for auto drivers than mishaps, including just passenger automobiles.

Why are Car Accidents Involving Trucks More Dangerous?

There are several reasons why automobile accidents, including trucks, are more unsafe than other types of automobile accidents:

The distinction in weight. Automobiles weigh approximately 4,000 pounds. A fully packed tractor-trailer may weigh near 80,000 pounds.

Truck height. A truck’s center of mass is much higher than an automobile’s, making it most likely for a car to topple in case of a crash.

It takes a lot longer for a truck to stop than an automobile, owing to the truck’s weight. Size likewise makes it more difficult for trucks to swerve out of the way to avoid a mishap.

The function of a truck is to carry freight, which may be explosive, toxic, or dangerous in other ways if it spills out on the road in a mishap.

These elements contribute to the truth that car-and-truck accidents are most likely to result in severe injury or death.

What Types of Injuries is Common in Car Accidents Involving Trucks?

Typical injuries from car mishaps involving trucks consist of:

Terrible brain injuries, concussions, and other closed head injuries
Burns from chemical explosions
Whiplash, knee sprains, and other musculoskeletal injuries
Spinal cord damage, including paralysis

All of these injuries need medical treatment. People who struggle with these injuries may never regain complete health and, as a result, face the financial challenge. That is why mishap victims need to connect to a proficient automobile mishap lawyer with experience handling truck cases. Looking for competent legal guidance is the best strategy for getting the financial compensation needed for medical bills, treatment, lost income, and other expenses.

What do Some Common Causes of Car Accidents involve Trucks?

The most typical reasons for vehicle accidents, including trucks, relate to human factors: driver tiredness, distracted driving, impaired driving, speeding, and negligent driving. Other causes consist of:

Hours of service (HOS) infractions, when the truck driver stops working to take a needed rest break
Overloaded or poorly protected freight
Used brakes or tires
Other truck maintenance problems

People injured in a car and truck accident, including a truck, should always look for immediate medical attention. It is also highly crucial to avoid talking to insurance providers, particularly those representing the trucking company. Since numerous parties may be accountable for the accident, it is equally essential to contact an automobile accident legal representative as soon as possible. A competent legal representative will safeguard the rights of individuals hurt and investigate the mishap to identify who may be liable.

Who is Liable in a Car Accident Involving a Truck?

Cars and truck accidents, including trucks, frequently present complex liability challenges. More than that, the driver at fault might be considered irresponsible. Many celebrations might be responsible for a car mishap, including a truck-like:

Trucking business. Trucking companies are responsible for guaranteeing that their trucks are checked and well kept. They are likewise accountable for screening and training drivers and keeping comprehensive logs of the chauffeurs’ hours of service.

Truck driver. Truck drivers are eventually responsible for the safe operation of the automobile.

Chauffeurs of tractor-trailers and other big business trucks seldom load their cargo. These parties might be held liable if poorly loaded freight contributed to the cause of an accident.

Truck maker. If the tires, brakes, or other parts of a truck are figured out to be malfunctioning, the truck manufacturer might also be held liable for the accident.

Offered the multi-layered intricacy of developing liability in a truck mishap, truck mishap victims must maintain the legal services of a qualified attorney with years of experience handling these types of claims.

How Do Lawyers Prove Liability in Car Accidents Involving Trucks?

Attorneys prove liability in cars and truck accidents involving trucks by performing an extensive investigation of the accident. This consists of getting cops’ reports, eyewitness accounts, and any images taken at the mishap scene. A legal representative may likewise examine video footage from a truck’s video camera or other gadgets that provide data about the accident, such as the truck’s speed, location, and impact force.

A certified legal representative will thoroughly examine all of this evidence and request records from the trucking company to determine liability. Possible acts of carelessness on the part of a trucking company include but are not restricted to the following:

Failure to effectively keep the truck

Negligent hiring, which may include an absence of correct screening for criminal infractions or medical problems

HOS infractions, including driving a lot of hours without a break or failing to keep an accurate log

Failing to train motorists effectively

Proving a products liability claim against a truck producer for faulty parts is similarly complicated. Nevertheless, all of this legal work is essential to make sure that accident victims recuperate the complete damages to which they are entitled.